Project Description


Client Lemonsea
Year 2019

#Naming #ArtDirection #Branding

Briefing and Objectives

The beach, the sea, the sun, vitamins, recharging batteries, all these concepts come together to present Lemonsea a brand of clothing for ocean lovers. This brand contacted us with the objective of creating a corporate identity that would make it stand out from its competition, and that would represent the essence that surrounds all those who love the sea and nature.

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Story-telling + branging

Lemonsea is characterized by being a brand for those who love the sea and everything around it. The sea is as natural as life itself, and as the clothes that this brand offers us, handmade products with the best quality. This idea of the natural thing took to us to think about a concept as it is the sun and, its natural benefits, as it is the vitamin C, the one that we associate to a fruit as it is the lemon. Hence the union of the two concepts lemon and sea, which gave rise to Lemonsea a name with sound, which moves us to the beach and all the benefits that this brings us.

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For the construction of the logo of this brand we decided to continue with the main concept, which we introduced in an illustration, in which we made a similar with a sunset, since we mixed the lemon pulp that served as sun, with the sea. Regarding the colors used, they were colors that transmitted energy and relaxation, so they were used in pastel shades, on the one hand the yellow for the lemon that evoked the sun and, on the other hand, the light blue that catches us as the sea does. The typography was done by us in the studio, the lettering was done by hand, with the aim of transmitting that feeling of craftsmanship and naturalness of the clothes. Among the applications we can find the labels of the clothes, tote bags and T-shirts among others.

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