Project Description

Jabalina Country Tents

Client Jabalina
Photography Javier Gavill
Web development Eugenia López
Year 2019

#DireccióndeArte #Branding #Naming


Have you ever thought that camping could be glamorous? Now we do, with a new emerging concept known as glampings. Jabalina is one of them, located in the natural park of the bay of Cadiz, in the estate Dehesa de las Yeguas, a special, unique and magical place to reconnect with nature. A space where to disconnect from the city, the stressful jobs and where to live unforgettable experiences, but without forgetting the comforts and glamour. Therefore, our work was to generate and build a solid brand to tell and transmit the virtues of this wonderful enclave of Cadiz.

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Over time, the farm, which stood out as an important bull ranch, has been losing its initial business, which is why all the horses were sold, except for Jara, a mare. This led us to investigate the history of the place and we found names like Cayetana, Estrella, Remolino, Lola or Luna among others, and finally we found Jabalina, another mare with a name that evokes magic, fun and above all that maintains a very important emotional bond for glamping.

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To build the brand we have based on the Rumba typography, which is used for more expressive compositions in which we seek to achieve a labeling aesthetic. With this we have tried to give glamour to the field, offering a complete service with all the necessary services, without forgetting the sophisticated aesthetics with an English touch, since the logo reminds us that they are tents in the field.

The environment is dominated by pine and wild olive trees, which is why the main motif used is the pine cones typical of the enclave, together with other elements of nature such as plants or flowers, which manage to provoke a sensation of freedom and nature of the place, an unforgettable sensation.

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