Project Description

El Bucarito

Client El Bucarito
Photography Tania Castellanos
Year 2014

#DireccióndeArte #Branding #Packaging


El Bucarito is a company specialized in the traditional production of cheese, and specifically of raw milk among other products such as pork and sliced products. They have their own livestock farm where they take care of the process from start to finish, making their own pork and dairy products. Located in Rota, its facilities can be visited in the company of the youngest, in the middle of the countryside and where the goats of the florida breed graze at their leisure.

Our work here was to redesign the brand to create a differentiation between its competitors and position it through exquisite branding, thus being able to have a place in the foreign market and gourmet stores.


The brand values are based on tradition and craftsmanship, so the slogan had to convey this as well. To do this we decided to redesign it, thinking of a much more synthetic formula of the artisan concept and developing it into a much more memorable phrase, where also the origin and the own elaboration has an important weight in this brand. The result was “Artisan Origin”, which shows respect for products, craftsmanship and nature itself.


For the redesign of the brand we have taken the concept of the vase itself to make the logo, that traditional container that we can still see in some places throughout our country, so classic in the villages. The final symbol has been created by adapting the image of the vase to the “o” in the word “Bucarito”, thus creating a unique and unmistakable icon. The colours used are black and yellow, the latter being identified with the colour of the product itself and with its artisan value as it evokes the cheese itself, the elegance or the gourmet concept that connotes this type of artisan product. All this, under the creation of a brand system where the “O” takes all the importance and becomes the fundamental pillar of the brand, which allows the development of different applications while maintaining the essence and values of the brand.