Project Description


Client Agamama
Photography Javier Gavill / Lourdes Coca
Collaboration naming Blanca Flores
Video Producer Manu Caballero
Year 2015-2020

#naming #identidad #packaging #food #social #gourmet

Briefing y objectives

This project was born in order to meet the needs of a collective,consisting of women from Cádiz who belong to the Agamama Association: women with breast cancer, entrepreneurs and fighters who are willing to add value to society. The objective was to create high-quality products with health benefits, in order to live without the need of public investment. Our task was to create a brand that encompasses all of this through gourmet packaging design

Alborear 06 scaled


For this project, we got inspired by the concept of dawn, as it evokes the celebration of a new day, which in the end is the most important thing in these cases: women who get up every day with strength, courage and attitude to undertake and carry out new projects. The name Alborear means dawn itself, referring to the appearance of the sun in the horizon. To do this, we got inspired by Greek mythology, in which the concept of Aurora (“Sunrise”) is mentioned. She is a goddess who personifies the dawn and is equivalent to goddess Eos, a feminine form who brings the new day. Another reference we took was poet Antonio Machado, who wrote the following in his work Proverbs and Songs (1912): “after living and dreaming, there is what matters the most: awakening.”

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To transmit all these values, we decided to create a symbol that spoke of the rising sun every day, reason why we used the most impacting letter on the name to create a rising “o”. Accompanied by pastel colours and Homer’s inspirational quote […] the one with the rose fingers […], we created a pink rose pattern to suggest the whole brand idea, ending with a claim that incites the warmth that this type of organizations should have: solidarity hugs, all accompanied by a photographic art direction that alongside Javier Gavill, managed to transmit Alborear’s essence and its life enthusiastic women.

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In this case, in order to continue growing as a brand, we had to develop other products and pieces which supported the Alborear idea, such as honey and oil, inspired by the products’ own plants and transmitting its natural and healthy origin.

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Flor de Sal together with the chef of the sea, Ángel León

At the end of 2018 alborear decides to create a new product in order to continue giving value and grow the brand alborear. For this Agamama, with the support of Angel Leon is set as an objective to promote the quality of life of women with breast cancer, and together now take a further step to collaborate with Salarte in the recovery and custody of salt artisanal, through conservation projects carried out since its founding in 2012.

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Water bottle

For the 2019 Christmas campaign, a new product has been made to extend the catalogue of alborear products, from a more sustainable and environmentally committed approach. To do this we were inspired by a poem by Pedro Salinas, “Now I love you, as the sea loves its water”, where we give prominence to glass and its circular use. Recycled glass protects your health. It does not pollute, it does not add chemicals to the contents of the container, and it maintains the same quality and quality as the original.

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