Sun, salt and sound!!!

Don Perolete is an artisan chips brand from Arcos de la Frontera, whose name comes from the typical Perol oil in which the businessman’s grandfather used to fry his mythical chips. We are delighted with the repercussion they are having in the international market and through the Internet, where the main packaging design websites have published it!

They even said “Sounds sophisticated, right? It’s like the Ferrari of all potato chips …but in Spain.” – Alden Chong.

Dieline (California, 2014) // Packaging of the World (Singapore, 2014) // Favourite Design (France, 2014) // Mimosa y Estraza ( Spain, 2014) // Trendencias (Spain, 2014) // Alden Chong (Malaysia, 2015)

Photos: Javier Gavill / 2014