Project Description

Vida Padre

Client Grupo Buenavida
Photography Lourdes Cocoa
Year 2019

#Naming #DireccióndeArte #Branding

What’s a good life? A walk on the beach, a glass of wine, a good meal? No, good life consists in living experiences. The objective was to represent that “good life” in a unique place like Barrosa pine forest, through an experience that includes three different but connected gastronomic concepts under the same idea. Therefore, the chosen place will be a colonial house since we will talk about a fusion gastronomy, in a place that was part of the development of the first cities, of the fusion of the Spanish and Portuguese colonies in Latin America.

Good life means living a life that makes you free. A life that satisfies you, that makes you happy, joyful and gives meaning to the reason for our existence. Our objective as people is to be happy, having the opportunity to enjoy the moment, in short to live the life of Riley, let’s forget those superfluous worries and learn tolive. That is why the name that most identifies this brand, which tries to offer good food and commitment to the environment, is the well-known Spanish expression, ‘’Vivir la Vida Padre’’.

In order to create this brand we were inspired by various expressions, which we use every day to designate that we have a good life; and we saw that the most used in Spanish was Vida Padre and for that we used the Camo typography, inspired in the marine environment, by the use of knots, giving the sensation of joy. As for the logo, we wanted to reflect the pine forest, a characteristic enclave of the place, and which produces the sensation of good life.