Project Description


Client Vectatio
Web vectatio
Year 2018

#Branding #Identidad #strategic

Briefing y objectives

The company is formed by a professional team with a wide experience in project development in the engineering and construction sector. To do this, the company generates a final product that is adapted to the client, through a detailed methodology. Our task in this case, was to create a brand that brings this business model to the public in a way that is clearly recognizable and aesthetically attractive for the sector.

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To differentiate the brand, we relied on its history and the brand-public relationship. As the company develops their projects from the beginning to the end, we understood that a plan, a goal and some objectives were previously drawn up, thus creating a mental vector. Uniting the vector concept with their history, we came back to the origins of the word; hence the name ‘Vectatio’, -vector in Latin-. Another reference is found in the classic game Meccano, a construction system with pieces of different sizes, forming useful objects or robots. The specific assembly order is followed to have a global set that fulfills exactly the object’s functions.

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To make the brand logo, the Meccano game was taken as a reference to complete the letters V and A of the word Vectatio, leaving the same figure with a different direction as the result. For the development of the application, the concept ‘dot to dot’ was taken, referring to the process that the company takes to adjust the product to the client. Therefore, the slogan ‘From Beginning To End’ was chosen, which referred to the Vectatio’s involvement in any project.

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