Project Description


Photography Javier Gavill
Client Grupo Saen

Year 2018

#Naming #Identidad #restaurant  #food #Gourmet


The chiringuito popularly known as Picachos, referring to the stones that make up the beaches of Cádiz, came to us to give a twist to their whole communication strategy, wanting to position themselves as a beach restaurant with the quality that entails. Therefore, it was necessary to reposition the restaurant through a new name and a new, fresh communication.


A modest kiosk located on the Pikachos stone of Santa María del Mar beach was born 36 years ago. Over the years, the establishment, which is now in the hands of the owner’s son, reinvented itself. Therefore, the approach of Cádiz and its stones was very interesting for us. People tend to jump from the stones, and one of the most peculiar jumps is known as the corkscrew (in Spanish, “tirabuzón). On the other hand, “Con las bombas que tiran los fanfarrones, se hacen las gaditanas tirabuzones…”, is a very popular song that refers to the moment in which Napoleon troops were unable to enter Cádiz. In this case, the word “tirabuzones” means curls, as the women of the city used to use the shrapnel from the French guns to curl their hair. The brand concept becomes much more local with this reference.


To develop the identity based on this story, we decided to use a typeface that is reminiscent of the carved stone, but at the same time elegant to position it well since it is a restaurant-bar. Thus under a marine and coppery colour range, we supported the whole universe with different jumpers and endless noble materials that make up a resounding identity with a lot of personality.