Project Description


Client Tarumba
Photography Javier Gavill
Collaborators Blanca Flores y Pepe Pettenghi
Year 2014

#naming #identidad #packaging #fragance #gourmet

Briefing and objectives

What does Cádiz smell like? Entrepreneur Susana Beato’s idea consisted in making the first Cádiz perfume and creating a fragrance that revives the essence we all have inside. The project had very strong values: passion, authenticity and happiness; adjectives that people usually have in this corner, touched by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. With those ingredients, the scent was ordered to Jimmy Boyd, a recognized perfumer specialized in emotional fragrances. Our task was to visually make an impact around all these ingredients, creating a name, identity and appealing packaging.

Tarumba 01 scaled


In the conceptual phase of the project, we studied the symbols and icons from Cádiz to find the most appropriate ones in order to transmit the values that the project required. The wind rose, clearly linked to sailor Cádiz; the Phoenicians, the civilization that left a big mark in the spirit of the city due to the success of trade, who became scent suppliers for the colonies inhabitants, being seen as the first Mediterranean perfume distributors. And finally, the most important literary reference of Cádiz: Rafael Alberti, from whom we took the perfume’s name –Tarumba–, inspired by the poem Sailor on Dry Land, published in 1924, in which he talks about what he felt when he left his land and the sea he loved so much. In one of his verses, he reflects his love for the sea by writing […] “blood of my heart, crazy to see the sea!” (“¡sangre de mi corazón, tarumba por ver los mares!”)

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