Project Description

Bodega San Emeterio

Client Bodega San Emeterio
Year 2016

#Packaging #ArtDirection

Briefing and objectives

Michelangelo San Emeterio is an agronomist and farmer in love with his profession. His passion for the countryside is practically innate to him, since he grew up for a large part of his life in this place. He is passionate about animals, especially horses, because of their intense summers in Portugal. His passion for wine comes from his studies as an agricultural engineer. Bodegas San Emeterio was born with the purpose of commercializing San Emeterio wines, whose traditional production area is located in the Ribera del Duero. In this place the union of wine and vineyard was consolidated in the middle of the Middle Ages, during the 10th and 11th centuries. This is how Michelangelo came to our studio, to propose a project in which our objective was to design labels that would visually show the exquisiteness and beauty of this wine.


Story-telling + Formulation

To develop this project, we first designed the icon. Our main inspiration was a cattle iron that the client owned, and which we decided to use as an element that brought together both the personality and the passions of the client; the countryside and the animals. We combined this symbol with a condensed typography with a modern style that achieved a contrast. Secondly, we designed the labels of the wine bottles using rustic Victorian illustrations, with the purpose of showing that classic touch. The illustrations designed are various and different but, all linked to the countryside, agriculture, horses and wine. Regarding the colours used, we wanted to bring freshness and modernity through the use of different colours for each illustration. Specifically, we made use of lively tones such as green, red, yellow or ochre that give us dynamism. With this intoxicating design we would all like to have a glass of wine.

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