Project Description

Obrador San Antonio

Client San Antonio
Year 2014

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Obrador San Antonio is a traditional family business in the bread and pastry sector, standing out for the freshness and great variety of its products and their quality.They combine traditional craftsmanship with the most contemporary technique, using a multitude of flours and flavours as if they had fallen from the sky. Therefore, a redesign was made for all its communication, looking for a new approach to transmit its brand, finding a much more natural way to tell all the values of the company, capturing better the attention of the public and communicating better all its products.

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San Antonio is based on tradition and craftsmanship, hence its ecclesiastical name.The story is born from the legend of Tomasito, a beautiful 20 month old baby, who is left playing alone out of his mother’s sight.On returning, the mother finds the child lifeless, drowned in a tub of water. In desperation, she invokes the help of the saint and in her prayer she makes a vow: if she obtains the grace, she will give the poor as much bread as the baby weighs. The son miraculously recovers his life and thus the tradition of the “pondus pueri” (the weight of the child) is born, a prayer with which the parents, in exchange for protection for their own children, promised St. Anthony as much bread as the weight of the children, to be given among the most needy. And that’s where the slogan “Divino de verdad” came from and the whole creative concept around the saint and that double game that gives the taste and pleasure of well-baked bread.

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To tell this whole story we played with a brand where the traditional concepts were very evident, using the color sky blue to make the brand very clean and pure. As for the logo, we used the idea of using the dough roller as a wink to the artisan values, using a typography with a certain footprint aesthetics to simulate the flour and the manual work of the mill. For the rest of the communication and relying on the copy “Divino de verdad” we crowned the loaves and made a series of patterns inspired by the triangle, symbol par excellence of religion and synthesis of wheat.The result is an image that is fresh and traditional at the same time, creating authentic devotees of good bread.

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