Project Description


Client Reanimax
Year 2017

#Branding #ArtDirection #Packaging


Reanimax is a company that repairs mobile devices and tablets, whose value lies in the quality of service they offer, both for the spare parts of leading brands, as for the machinery and the speed with which they work, and all at affordable prices. For this company located in Santander throwing away our smartphones is not an option, so they opt for the recovery of them, so that through the repair look better. With this philosophy they contact us to create an identity and a naming with sound, which differentiates them and transmits their vision.

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How many of us have not dropped our cell phone and held our breath, wishing it was nothing, how many times have we had to repair it? The repair of objects began at the end of the 15th century when the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa sent one of his favorite bowls to China for repair. The general did not like the result and looked for Japanese artisans who could find a better solution. Well, just as it happened to the general with his bowl, it happens to many of us today with our smartphones, with great sentimental value, hence the naming of Reanimax, which refers to that ability to revive our objects.

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The development of this project is based on the use of the color red, since it is the color used to connote urgent things or to highlight information. For us, red evokes the cross of the medicine cabinets and the urgency to fix the phones. With respect to iconography, one of the symbols associated with love and health, and which transmits that feeling of life, is the heart. Another of those objects with a symbolic value is the hourglass, since it is the instrument that most visibly represents the flow of time, where the old and the new are mutually intertwined, and form the circuit of human life. From the union of these symbols an icon has been created, which on the one hand is a time clock and on the other hand is a wink to the digital era, with the rise of video games. The typography used is Cintax from Dúctil studio, which reminds us of the digital beginnings. The chosen slogan shows us the philosophy of this brand in a concrete and concise way, because you don’t have to get rid of your technological products, when you can give “Long life and prosperity to your tablet”.

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