Project Description

Ongi Etorri Miarma

Client Asociaciones de empresarios de San Sebastian y Sevilla
Video producer Manu Caballero
Collaboration José Berasaluce
Year 2016

#Naming #DirecciondeArte #Branding

Briefing and objectives

This is a love story, which arises from uniting two destinies that love each other. Baroque, seductive, sexual and eternal Seville, bourgeois, aristocratic, fascinating, and romantic San Sebastian. Two cities in the same destination. This project came to our hands with the aim of telling through design a tourist destination that encompassed two very different cities. Our objective was to create an identity with a sound naming, which would form a strategic alliance to show a tourist axis between two reference destinations in Spain.



In this project we ask ourselves many comparative questions that a priori have nothing to do with each other, what does Jimmy Hendrix and the great power have to do, can you see the Torre Pelli from Mount Igueldo, does the giraldillo like the Txangurro, does the tamborrada or the armaos of the macarena vibrate more? All these questions make us reflect and think as does the question about the existence of love at first sight. Love at first sight can happen, since there are cities that have the power to make you fall in love. Seville with its Guadalquivir river, its tapas, Antonio Machado, its bugle bands and Betis street. The Basque Country with its river Urumea, its pintxos, Pío Baroja, its tamborrada and its bridge of Ma Cristina. But, what really interests us are the things in which these two cities are similar, and especially to understand their way of seeing the world and to discover that with only a glance they can make you fall in love. With this project we understand that there are things that unite these two cities that have reasonable similarities made of unlikely connections. Both cities are sisters without knowing it. We can find ourselves in the two rivers, spectacular gastronomy, theaters with recognition, music, architecture, literature and many more elements. This is how the naming for this project Ongi Etorri miarma to the north of my south, even in the naming we interweave the language of both cities to welcome people, so they can enjoy the best of the north in the south and vice versa.

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To develop this project we started from the narrative concept of the single destination formula. To this end, we knew how to bring out the best in both cities, and contemplate the similarities we find in them, thus creating a brotherhood between cities. San Sebastian the bourgeois city and Seville the baroque city. San Sebastian is aristocratic and distinguished and Seville is passionate and sensual. Both have similarities that make them unique. For the graphic concept we based on the formula of the six “s” to create an identity where their concepts were; the rivers, the reflection of the two cities when they look at each other in the river, the importance of water, the love that they are cities that fall in love, the union as a meeting point and the pact of the “s” in the words San Sebastian Seville. Through a series of symbols that we have taken from images of the city, we have created an icon or heart-shaped badge based on two “S’s” to present a unique destination. With regard to the use of colors, we have chosen both cold colors that are representative of the north and warm colors that are so characteristic of the south. With the design of the motif we decided to show the essence of the two cities and the bidirectionality, so we analyzed common patterns in both cities and that led us to an arrow shape that evokes us to the situation points, and to the geometric patterns that we find in both cities. For the typography we made use of the Trade Gothic that was designed by Jackson Burke in 1948, it is not a typography with a familiar structure which gives it naturalism and a strong power of attraction. Knowing how to live in Donosti, the joy of living in Seville. Two different cities that share a unique destination, two cities that love each other and will conquer you. This is San Sebastian Seville who tried it, he knows it.

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