Project Description


Client Grupo Osborne
Photo Javier Gavill
Year 2019

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Montecillo is a winery founded in 1870 that has taken the values of tradition and authenticity in winemaking as its flagship. With this project we had the objective of transmitting a fresher and updated air of the company, adapting to the new generations, but that the consumer identifies it in the sector of the premium ranges.


Montecillo 04 scaled


To achieve the realization of this project we have carried out two tasks. On the one hand, we have adjusted and optimised the typographical hierarchies, and on the other hand we have coordinated the art direction of the brand. In order to give the brand that quality that refers to premium brands, we have treated the brand elements as follows.

On the one hand, the typographical hierarchy, which we have given elegance and legibility, changing the previous composition of the claim to one that is more harmonious and in line with the brand’s values, while at the same time being easy for the consumer to read. We have also added some delicate fillets that are necessary for this type of brand, but updating it and adding a somewhat peculiar green that gives it its current point

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Bodegas Montecillo Grupo Osborne
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