Project Description

Catering Momento Andaluz

Client Momento Andaluz
Year 2019

#Redesign #ArtDirection #Branding

Briefing and objectives

With Momento Andaluz you will be able to have help in the organization of events and banquets in general, thanks to its services. Its activity tries to differentiate between professional and social events, adapting to everything and everyone, offering food, personalized attention and versatility. But, what most characterizes this brand is the care of details as well as the involvement and enthusiasm they put into each of their events. With your order, our goal was to make a redesign of branding that achieved on the one hand, transmit the care and pampering with which they organize every detail in their work, and on the other hand, position them as one of the best caterers in the province of Cadiz for their service and image.

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Story-telling + branding

Momento Andaluz is trying to modernize itself but having tradition as a base, that’s why in terms of naming we decided to give a greater value to the word Momento as opposed to the term Andaluz. To do this we base ourselves on the concept of moments, understanding them as very short spaces of time and, at the end of the day, that is what happens with events. Each one is singular, unique and free to the interpretation of each person that gives it personality. This same fact occurs with the ties, we found that this complement exists in many versions with colors, smooth or with reasons, in short, there are ties for all tastes, as there are events for all.

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When it came to the project, we realized that the redesign of this brand had to be focused on a fashion point of view, rather than a purely gastronomic one, since events are considered small social catwalks. The typography used helps us to express that concept of fashion and modernity. For the icon we have been inspired by the classic game of tangram, since the events are tangrams where the client decides which piece to put and which one to remove to form their own event, so we always organize unique, creative, unusual events with their own personality. The claim “There is no tradition, without modernity” was chosen because it brought the value of the company’s trajectory and experience in the sector.

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