Project Description

Mojama Beach

Client Grupo Buenavida
Photography Lourdes Coca
Web development Eugenia López
Year 2019/20

#Branding #DireccióndeArte #Packaging

Briefing and objectives

La Barrosa beach is an ideal location in Cadiz, here you can find Mojama Beach, a quality beach bar and a reference in the gastronomic and socio-cultural field. The goal was to differentiate the brand from its competition and make it visible in the eyes of customers.

Mojama Beach 06 scaled
Mojama Beach 08 scaled
Mojama Beach 16 scaled

Care of the brand

For Mojama, being up-to-date is a necessary element, which is why we carried out this summer campaign through which we tried to communicate the energy and way of seeing the life of this company. The objective was to refresh the image to position the current clients, and to capture new clients with a fresh and current idea. For this campaign we reached a very interesting line of work, as are the sayings, to generate a different brand content. In the Spanish language, sayings are a resource of vital importance in communication. Therefore, we decided to make use of these unique phrases so full of meaning, but making some new versions, which are adapted to current times. In addition, with this twist we wanted to adapt these common phrases to the enthusiastic character of Mojama. Regarding the graphic image and based on the importance of social networks, we decided to bring together the entire campaign under a hashtag and the word character, referring to this way of life of this company. To graphically represent the sayings we interspersed the words with emojis, giving that vision of the sentences of a lifetime with the most current vision of the emoticons, because summer makes the love. #caractermojama.

Mojama Beach 21 scaled
Mojama Beach 17 scaled
Mojama Beach 18 scaled
Mojama Beach 20 scaled
Mojama Beach 22 scaled
bolsa mojama


Mojama is a beach bar with its own character, but it was born with a very marked composition and style formed by multiple personalities, with trends and similarities with companies in the same sector. After analyzing the brand we could see that over time Mojama could have problems. Therefore, combining the philosophy of the bar and an artistic style such as cubism, with which it shares values, we break with the unique point of view, to create a timeless visual system.

To create the icon we have used cubism treating the nature that represents Cadiz; sun, beach and sea, by means of geometric figures, giving rise to a recognizable icon that differentiates us, formed by a fish in which we introduce this nature. As for the typography, we have used a legible one, so as not to cause chaos between the “a” and the “o”. Regarding the chromatic range used, it is more contrasted and with a color referring to the mojama, the main colors are light blue and burgundy. With this formulation we have managed to create more than a brand, a wide system that allows us to be current each season and thus differentiate ourselves.

Mojama Beach 15 scaled
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