Project Description

Kimonos Meshmood

Client Meshmood
Photography Javier Gavill
Web development Eugenia López
Year 2018

#Naming #Identidad #Packaging #Moda #Kimonos

Briefing and Objectives

Meshmood is an ecological Kimonos brand that is committed to the importance of raising awareness about our consuming habits, especially, in the world of fashion. The waste caused by fast fashion is a real threat to our planet that, at the same time, ends up generating exploitation of workers in many places. Where there is fast fashion, someone is suffering. With this philosophy we were asked to make a brand that transmits all these values as well as a memorable name.

Meshmood salvartes 03 scaled


In the conceptual phase of the project, we studied the manufacturing processes of ecologic/organic fabrics around the world and this led us to a concrete type of net with which clothes known as Mesh are usually made. We liked this word, but coming back to the brief and key ideas we had, we discovered the word “Mood”. This mixture evoked a very special concept which goes with the values that the brand intends to transmit; something like interlacing your emotions.

Meshmood salvartes 00


To develop the identity we relied on representing the idea of mesh in a graphic way. To do this we made a geometric icon in the form of a network that gave us the opportunity to use a similar typography with a small reference to the eastern essence of the kimonos. All of this from a minimalist and a bit zen way, in which the purple color supports the entire graphic concept of the brand.

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