Project Description

Maribel Ortega Soprano

Client Maribel Ortega
Photography Javier Gavill
Year 2018

#Branding #ArtDirection

Briefing y objectives

Maribel Ortega is a simple, natural and humble soprano who tries to transmit sweetness, emotion, rhythm and peace through her voice. The objective was to create a solid visual identity that would, on the one hand, position her in Spain but, on the other hand, allow her to expand into international works. On the other hand, to make its base repertoire grow and also to be a teacher.


Story-telling + branding

The brand offers and transmits musicality under the ideas and forms that the person has to transmit his music. In the conceptual phase of the project, we studied other colleagues and came to the conclusion that the difference lies in the construction of a story, that is, in the formation of a relationship between the brand and the public, a fact that other sopranos do not have.

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To create this brand strategy we wanted to make the public feel the musical sweetness and elitism of the opera through a minimalist design. To do this, we looked for the answers in history, in which we found the tenor Gilbert Duprez who was the first to give a “C” in a bosom voice. For this reason, the icon of the “O” that represents the initial of Maribel Ortega’s surname was designed with the graphic representation of a “C” in musical language. Gilbert took us to Maria Callas who revived the Bel Canto, and who was an inspiration to Maribel in the development of her career. We were also inspired by other artists such as Verdi or Rossini. To carry out the project we used the Noe Display Bold typeface that reminds us of opera, but from a more modern perspective. The colors used are black, which reminds us of the elegance of the opera, and white, of the natural transparency shown by the soprano. Focusing on the teaching activity, which this great artist wants to transmit through his agency, we have used the cherry color that reminds us of the sweet expression, which transmits us with his voice.