Project Description

Manu Caballero Videógrafo

Client Manu Caballero
Year 2018

#Branding #ArtDirection

Briefing and objectives

Manu Caballero is more than a mark, he is a person, who understands video editing as putting commas and dots to images, knowing when to leave the dots and when to end the story. The goal was to create an identity that would make him unique, that would show who he is and what characterizes him, as well as the quality and sensitivity he expresses through his visual works.

Manu Caballero 01 scaled
Manu Caballero 00 scaled

Story-telling + branding

As particular as their works, which are characterised by the quality they give off. One of Manu’s greatest characteristics is the wink he makes when he records, with one eye closed and the other open, focusing on the camera. He gave us the idea to create a simple logo formed by a semicolon, but which says a lot, like his videos.

Manu Caballero 05 scaled
Manu Caballero 06 scaled


For the formulation of this project we decided to use a single typography that encompasses everything, to give it that personal and authorial point that characterizes this videographer, whose projects are characterized by the quality and personality that gives them their videos. As for the colour chosen, it was violet, which although in the Middle Ages it was a rejected colour and called “almost black” and used by kings to dress in mourning, with Newton this changed, as he called violet the seventh chromatic field of the rainbow after breaking up the light through a prism, and in the end this is what happens in videos, a rainbow of colours that come together to show us an image and transmit a message, a feeling or an idea.

Manu Caballero 02 scaled
manu caballerobolsa
Manu Caballero 07 scaled
Manu Caballero 08 scaled