Project Description

Bodega Maestro Sierra

Client Bodega Maestro Sierra
Javier Gavill 
Year 2012

#Identity #Packaging #Gourmet  #wine #sherry #restyle

Briefing y objectives

In the year 1830, one of the oldest wineries of Jerez, Maestro Sierra, named after its creator José Antonio Sierra, was born. Since then, the family has maintained the traditional, artisan character that defined the company since the beginning. For this reason, and in order to adapt to the current times without losing its essence, we were asked to redesign their most emblematic labels to position them in a more international market and putting again the origin Jerez-Xérès-Sherry in a prominent position.

MS salvartes 02 scaled


To introduce the product to the foreign market, we had to make a careful study of which elements we would have to change in order to catch the attention of the new public. Therefore, we made a slight yet marked cleaning, creating an order and updating the typography to a more modern and readable one, without losing the original values. As to update the illustrations, the larger one was placed to make the label look more appealing.

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Other products we designed were old wines that grow, mature and age in the winery, following the traditional process of Solera, characteristic of Jerez-Xérès-Sherry denomination. Therefore, in order to translate all these values into an aesthetically attractive design, we decided to draw a series of watermarks to accompany the meaning and to evoke an antiquarian.

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