Project Description

Cafetería La lectora

Client Grupo saen
Year 2018

#Naming #ArtDirection #Branding

Briefing and Objetives

If you are a lover of books and good coffee, La Lectora is your place, more than a coffee shop, this place is able to move us through its establishment, its coffees and its wide variety of products. This company from Cadiz contacted us to create an identity that would differentiate them from any commercial establishment that offered coffee, since the objective was to offer an experience, not just a product. Our target audience was people from 28 to 50 years old, although due to the character of the coffee shop it was addressed to all publics. Focusing on people with a medium-high purchasing power, with a high cultural level, our goal was to reach potential customers through literature.


Story-telling + branding

Emotion is what moves us people, what transmits us and makes us feel. Our goal was to focus on offering this company as something more than a coffee shop, we wanted to create an emotion in the customers, when they enter to consume in the establishment. To create the naming we introduced ourselves to the concept of literary tourism, which focuses on places of inspiration for many writers throughout the ages, these places have become places to visit because of all the events that took place there. Two concepts converge in the Lectora, literature with its capacity to make us travel through the imagination, without moving from the site. And, on the other hand, the writers’ cafés, “any café, is an admirable place, the only truly free, egalitarian and dogmatically clean association, the most independent institution” Gómez de la Serna (1986, Pombo). Since its introduction to Europe in the early seventeenth century, coffee has become an element of communication. In the sixteenth century, places were found in Turkey where people chatted while drinking coffee. And in Spain, coffee was born from the mentideros, open-air places where people gathered to tell each other everything that had happened to them. In conclusion, cafés are meeting points where we gather, to exchange ideas. A few years ago the breweries began to emerge, and with that the coffees were disappearing for that reason, our objective was to retake the essence that characterized these establishments and to make them resurface. In recent times we have been observing the current trend, which flees from maxicommunication and longs for past times when face-to-face contact was the basis of relationships. In the current era we live in, where conspiracies and secrets comprise most of our daily conversations, we had to find a name that would connect readers, inspire them and at the same time be attractive to the client. Literary cafés are not dead and, as Benito Pérez Galdós said in La fontana de oro, they are very popular for their clandestine meetings. Readers today are like conspirators, in a society where people do not read and illiteracy is promoted on the networks.

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To carry out this project, we were inspired by the salons of the French aristocracy, key spaces where public issues were reflected on in a private way. The cafés copied in their origin the patterns of those well-known salons. When it came to creating the logo, we created a custom- made “L” with a lot of personality through a strong typography capable of capturing our attention. The “L” is characterized by the peculiar form with which we built it. The “L” forms a book with its bookmark in this way we tried to symbolize the fact that each reader is unique and peculiar. The colors used are brown, which evokes the characteristic color of coffee, yellow, which transmits wisdom and knowledge, and finally the use of light blue in a pastel tone that gives us security and tranquility. For the interior of the premises we decided to continue with the line of the nostalgia, and we tried to show by means of different touches that vintage style of the old literary coffees.

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