Project Description

Hotel restaurant La Breña

Client La Breña
Year 2015

#Identity #Food #Gourmet #restaurant

Briefing and objectives

La Breña is a small yet cozy hotel restaurant, which has a total of seven rooms. Comfort, naturalness and well-being are the main aspects to convey. For this, we were asked to redesign the image to strengthen the contemporary hippie discourse and to readjust the brand.

Breña 10 scaled


The concepts we used to shape the new identity of La Breña were based on our land’s unique light, on the sunsets over the Trafalgar Lighthouse, on the warmth of an extraordinary weather and the manners of southern people, on the green pines and mountains. The freshness of the Natural Park of La Breña, where the green of the Forest blends with the green of the sea. And there is nothing like submerging in the ocean, loaded with vital energy, and feeling how the sea water feeds your body and soul.

Breña 08 scaled


To develop an identity based on these adjectives, we got inspired by a Sans Serif typography that could be more human-like, in order to give more impact to a series of collage illustrations that convey the essence and values of La Breña. On the other hand, we made an icon as a differential sign of the whole, based on the footprint of La Breña: sea and nature. All of this to create a unique and visually stimulating set for the viewer. And as Jesus Quintero would say, “The hippies are not dead. There are still some of them lost in the mountains…”.

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