Project Description


Client Hearthink
Year 2017

#naming #Branding #Identidad #strategic

Briefing and objectives

Still looking for your house in Real Estate? Hearthink is an easy, comfortable and reliable way to find a home, thanks to a personalized search service for the purchase and sale of properties. They divide their services depending on whether the client wants to sell a house or to buy it, thus offering customized services without a conflict of interest, with advice and specification of the real market value. Our job was to convey all this by developing a name and a clear and concise branding, breaking with the outdated aesthetics of Real Estate.

Hearthink 01 scaled


To differentiate the brand we based ourselves on the union of the client with their mediator in order to find the house of their dreams; on the other hand, the dream-catcher concept represents the wheel of life, the net is the desires that we weave in the soul and in the movement that we generate with our daily activities. With all this, and as the novelist Marguerite Yourcenar said: “listen to your head, but let your heart speak”, the name Hearthink was born; mixing the words “heart” and “think” and using “homecatcher” as a slogan.

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To make the logo of the brand and its entire universe, we relied on the concepts of union, love and the dream catcher, thus creating a symbol with the shape of an H in which you can see a house. On the other hand, we worked with purple and turquoise in order to transmit the creativity and freshness of the business and the sector. Regarding typography, we selected one that was simple yet strong, giving facilities for its implementation on the web.

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