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Project Description

Granja Santa Ana

Photography Javier Gavill
Year 2011

#Identity #Food
#Gourmet #restaurant

Brief y objectives

The fusion of urban and traditional makes Granja Santa Ana. A creative family-tradition restaurant where a great variety of dishes is presented on the menu under a homemade, cozy and rustic atmosphere, where you can find anything from a salad to potatoes sushi. Thus, the objective was to transmit all these values under a unique identity and personality, creating a welcoming and clearly identifying atmosphere with a recognizable icon.


For this project, we got conceptually inspired by the sunrise and specifically by a traditional animal that supports the name: the rooster. All this was applied in multiple pieces of identity and interior design with illustrations simulating black and white engraving. Thus, different posters were made to support the graphic idea and to provide communication to the restaurant. The menu alongside one of the walls of the restaurant, were decorated with farm illustrations: the rooster, a watering can, a wedge of cheese, a pig or a key. These aspects evoked tradition and craftsmanship again.

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