Project Description

Dulce Pecado

Client Dulce Pecado
Year 2018

#ArtDirection #Branding #Packaging


From the seven deadly and carnal sins, lust arises and in that, lingerie knows very well how to channel them.Dulce Pecado is a lingerie brand focused on teenagers with a small store in Veracruz (Mexico) , where colorful, daring garments stand out, focused on being a first contact with the intimate fashion world.


To this end, in the conceptual phase when talking about women we use the so-called “triangle of femininity”.The womb, the Goddess, the Great Mother and the corresponding alchemical symbol of water and the female sex “the yoni”.  All this is accompanied by another fruit element that serves to connote the fresh and youthful approach of the brand: the watermelon.Researchers at Texas A&M University found that watermelon may have similar effects to some known stimulants, contributing to blood vessel stimulation and increasing fluid, so what better fruit to symbolize the brand?


To represent the idea of the brand under the aesthetic values of sensuality and youth, we used a range of pastel colors that connect with the innocence of the public, contrasting and making clear the obvious reference to watermelon. To shape the words, we use the Schneider Libretto typeface, a typeface that evokes the typical serifs of trendy logos. Everything from a minimalist approach with a characteristic and sensual icon, to catch the eye and not go unnoticed.