Project Description

Patatas Don Perolete

Client Don Perolete
Photography Javier Gavill
Year 2014

#identity #packaging #chips #gourmet #food

Briefing and objectives

Don Perolete is a family business and artisan of chips located in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz). Its name comes from the typical Perol, an oil with which chips were historically fried. The objective was to create a communication strategy to sell their products to the international gourmet market, broadening the range and creating an original impact in the chips sector. To do this, our task was to redesign the brand and to create a ground-breaking packaging line, under the values of craftsmanship, tradition and family

DP salvartes 01


To create a solid bland, we got inspired by a fictional character recognizable to all of us, such as the typical grandfather with a bowler hat and a moustache. Using this context, we took Willian Morris’ pattern idea, and put the character in an easily recognizable scene: classic wallpapers. With all this, we created an atmosphere with which we reached the audiences’ emotions, transmitting longing, familiarity and tradition.

DP salvartes 05 scaled
“Williow Bough” wallpaper, designed by William Morris, 1887

“Williow Bough” wallpaper, designed by William Morris, 1887


For the redesign, we chose to improve the logo’s impact; professionalizing and refining the typography, and eliminating children’s drawings to compete in the gourmet market. For the tagline, we added the artisan value with a typography that reminds to the tradition, as opposed to the modern logo’s. As a complement to graphically support the packs, we decided to interpret William Morris’ motives, adapting them to the new times in colour and shape and differentiating them by their elements. The final product is a gift for the eye, and above all, for the palate.

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For the brand to continue growing, we have been developing different designs following the same guidelines, in order to differentiate and broaden the range of products, all of them under the same premise of craftsmanship, tradition and family, not forgetting about the gourmet and international sale goal. Because of this, we found various cases in which we had to update and broaden the brand’s discourse.

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