Project Description

Xela beer

Client Xela
Year 2016

#Branding #ArtDirection #Packaging

Briefing and objectives

Are you more wine or beer? The eternal question we all ask ourselves when we meet our friends or family at meals, celebrations or just for a drink. But why choose? We present you Xela, a beer of Jerez origin, and the only one made with wine. Our objective with this project was to create a brand identity that would differentiate this beer from its competition, as well as position it internationally, with a visual identity that would offer the same quality as the product itself.

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Story-telling + branding

Xela is characterized by the union of two elements that a priori are different. After some research, we came up with the idea of Xela, which in Mexico means beer. In this way we join two opposite points; Mexico and Jerez, but they have a common point, the Atlantic Ocean. Mexico provides us with geometric designs that evoke its pre-Hispanic past and the objects made by the indigenous communities that remain. Regarding Jerez, we must refer to the Phoenician alphabet, who left us the first vineyard crops, and who gave Jerez the name of Xera. Furthermore, there is a great graphic simile between this alphabet and the symbolic anagrams used to name the types of sherry wine.

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To carry out this project we started from the studied symbolism and selected a concrete aesthetic that would remind us of the Mexican one, specifically the Mayan one, giving the brand that cultural mix. With regard to the typography used, we wanted to use a didona, which offered us a high contrast and ease of conversion into stencil, a style that evokes the silk-screen printing applied to wine casks, giving it a glamorous tone. For this reason, the typography used is Salome de Atipus studio. We incorporated to one side of the X the union of two wheat, giving the brand that craftsmanship that characterizes it. Among the applications are the packaging of the bottles and the cardboard boxes so that the consumer can transport them.

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