Project Description


Client Bomboneka
Photography Javier Gavill
Year 2017

#ArtDirection #Branding #Packaging

Briefing and objectives

Bomboneka is a store of quality nuts and chocolates, with handmade products and a great variety for the most demanding palates. They proposed an order with the objective of modernizing the brand, to give it a fresher air, according to the current times, and to differentiate it from the rest of the stores of the competition.

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Story-telling + branding

Bomboneka was a store whose identity was similar to others of the competition, so after investigating we went back to those candy stores of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s that flooded the American and London streets. In this way we decided to keep the aesthetics so characteristic of these stores, looking at the typography and color with such force that they used, which gave a connotation of closeness and craftsmanship but with glamour. Thus, we ended up with an aesthetic vision, but we needed a concept that would differentiate Bomboneka from the rest of the establishments that sell the same products. And then we saw that the key was to sell this brand as a gift store, since it presents itself as such to the senses of taste, smell and sight. In short, the store itself is a gift, hence the use of the ribbon as an icon.

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To develop this project we started by selecting 2 typographies. On the one hand, the Indie typeface that breathes freshness, and is inspired by the American “Sign painters” type posters, born from vintage store signs. And on the other hand, Gotham roundem that is usual, but conveys familiarity. Based on this and linked to the established concept, from the studio we created a lettering type for bomboneka that evokes the idea of the bow included in the K. Regarding the color used, it is the ochre that refers to a yellowish brown color, which inspires the toasted colors, that is, the direct activity of the company: roasting. The design of the packaging is inspired by mandalas with various motifs that give the product quality and sophistication. The motifs and designs are inspired by the colorful vintage style with mosaics that are attractive to the eye of the customers.

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