Project Description

Bebo los vientos

Client Grupo Arsenio
Photography Tania Castellanos
Year 2018

#Advertising #Redesign #ArtDirection

Briefing and Objectives

La Victoria beach is a magical enclave in the lands of Cadiz. Here you will find the Bebo Los Vientos restaurant, where you can enjoy the spectacular gastronomy of Cadiz while you delight in watching the sea. This bar with values based on naturalness, the sea and the beach, which is aimed at a public between 25 and 45 years of age, with an average socio-economic level and whose personality and lifestyle is modern and urban, proposed a new positioning for Bebo. With this commission, our objective was to provide the brand with a complete graphic and concept, which would manage to transmit a fixed idea for the future. This project came about because the brand had been aesthetically consolidated on the basis of a set of elements that were unconnected and needed to be organised to achieve Bebo’s growth in the catering sector.

Bebotatu scaled
Bebo Los vientos 01 scaled


Bebo is a place with a seafaring and urban spirit, heirs to the sea. A place where you can enjoy the sunshine of justice as well as the starry nights. To exploit and communicate the soul of this brand, we needed to be based on a theme that would represent Bebo’s personality, as well as make it survive. One of those elements that last are the tattoos that are perpetuated on our skin. If we go back to the beginning of these body decorations, we find that they emerged 3000 years ago in Egypt, and that is that lines and dots have been observed around the body of some mummies. Tattoos were introduced in the West by the English expeditionaries of Captain Cook, quickly these sailors began the tradition and extended it by practicing this art on board. In the United States, sailors associated tattoos with patriotic and criminal motives. The tattoos of the old school were born in the Second World War, therefore the patriot theme.

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To carry out this project we decided to start from the typographical structure that had been established over the years. From the studio we investigated the root of aesthetics with the aim of concluding a discourse that was embodied but not shown, that is, it could be read between the lines, but it was necessary to bring it out to the customers. The first step we took was to readjust the design of the logo, to do so we hierarchised and standardised the small cut of the /O/ and, in this way, we managed to complete the speech of the word. In addition, space and size adjustments were made in each of the letters with respect to the whole, giving the logo an aesthetic that would evoke us more of a brand than a tattoo. We also changed the tagline that accompanies the logo by making the by Arsenio disappear, as none of the other bars in the group have it, for the phrase Urban Beach – Every day & night, a fresh and youthful statement adapted to the new times. Another of the steps we took was to select a new, very powerful typography which has become the basis of Bebo’s discourse that will make this brand last over time, in the minds of its consumers. The typography chosen is that which characterises old school tattoos. This artistic style is characterised by its large and colourful designs, with a vintage aftertaste that we can see in the black lines on the outside. Among all the themes on which these designs were based, the marine environment stood out with great strength. One of the fathers of modern tattooing was Jerry Collins, or sailor Jerry who, even though he was a sailor, dedicated his inspiration to the creation of various tattoos considered today as icons. With Jerry’s illustrations we were able to take the seafaring theme and typography to the extreme, giving them that actuality and colourful vision. Regarding the applications, we proposed the patches and stickers that are so fashionable right now, and that connect with the thread that encompasses the whole positioning. Also, the re-edition with the new Bebo aesthetics, of a bottle of rum, a marine drink par excellence.

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