Project Description

Bastardo, Un hotel ilegítimo

Client Bastardo, Un hotel ilegítimo
Interior design & Architecture IHP Group
Web Programming Meridiad
Year 2018

#Branding #Naming #DireccióndeArte  #Hostel #Madrid

Briefing and objectives

The project was born from an ambitious idea to escape from the image that our subconscious associates with the hostel. An idea related to haste and low quality, without emotion or experience. Bastard wanted to change that, starting by taking care of both the spaces and their identity and under the protection of a revolutionary approach, a new concept and the implementation of new technologies. Welcome to Bastardo, come in without calling.

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Story-telling + naming

Throughout history, there have been many movements that have changed the course of life and have brought an avant-garde point to the different eras of our society. To see what history we could tell in the hostel, we studied different avant-garde movements from romanticism, the hippie movement, the baby boom, the punk trend to the millenials of today. So we discovered that there were several synergies between all these previous as: Are the romantic gatherings a meeting point? or are the communes hippies the ancestors of the hostel? To achieve the objective we based ourselves on the idea of the bastard and its meaning:

bastard, da:
From the fr. ant. bastart.
1. adj. that degenerates from its origin or nature.

A hostel is like the bastard of accommodation, everyone knows that his father was the hotel but no one knows which was his mother…

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Bastard, is the illegitimate son of the hotel born to break the rules and vindicate the lost spirit of the true traveler, like those romantic travelers who were looking for an experience for the soul and spirit. A hostel for #haters of the world, revealing a cosmopolitan concept with a certain degree of sophistication. We mix cultures, styles and citizens of the world. Our inhabitants are demanding. For this, we appropriate the punk aesthetics and the form of the pamphlets, the underground culture and condensed typographies creating a unique story, where in each room you can find the story of the most famous bastards in history from Leonardo DaVinci to Patti Smith or Gandhi. Everything to create an atmosphere #hater and that coexists perfectly with the mythical neighborhood of the movida Madrileña, Malasaña.

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