Project Description

Atunante por Amor

Client Grupo Barceló
Web  Atunante

Photography Javier Gavill
Video Producer  Manu Caballero
Collaboration José Berasaluce, Blanca Flores,
Cristina Gutiérrez y Raquel Jove.
Year 2015

#Naming #Identidad #Food #Gourmet #restaurante

Briefing y objectives

The hotel Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri, from Barceló Hotel Group, wanted to have a specialized and themed restaurant for red tuna fish for the first time, in order to boost local products and offer the hotel customers a unique gastronomic alternative without leaving their facilities, of high-quality, and where the experience is key.

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To achieve this, we based ourselves on the literary idea of the rogues, characters that appear in works by authors such as Cervantes. When the character knew Zahara de los Atunes’ fish trap, he said, “do not call yourself a rogue if you have not taken two courses in the tuna fishing academy”, a phrase that appears in exemplary novels by Cervantes (1613). The adventures of Baron Munchausen, another chosen reference, are based on the stories of an extravagant, aristocratic character of German and English literature, which are told with satire and fantasy, an example of the logic of the absurd: the baron climbs on the back of a cannonball or climbs up to the moon by the stem of a Turkish pea. Finally, the French illustrators of 1900 express their thoughts about the future through paintings in which characters go on the backs of marine animals. All marinated along with current characters and music such as Poveda, Jazz, Cole Porter, Woody Allen, Picasso or Dalí.

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For Atunante, a symbol was designed to capture the most outstanding aspects of the authors who left a record of the meaning of rogues. For this reason, the illustration of a rogue, a character in search of adventure, on the back of a tuna, was used. For the logo, the expression “for love” was used, making a direct reference to the life cycle of tunas, which seek warm waters between late spring and early summer, traveling more than 2,500 miles to reach the shores of the Mediterranean and starting the mating season.

The audiovisual part focuses on one of the walls of the local, where one of the great Baroque paintings “Anatomy Lesson”, by Rembrandt (1632), although with a small variation, can be found. The lesson is made on a tuna, indicating its parts and the cuts that are made to take advantage of each area of the fish.

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To maintain the brand, different applications that positioned the restaurant local and nationally were made, being a reference for red tuna. Finally, Atunante celebrated in 2016 the fourth centenary of Cervantes’ death, making a campaign in which one could see the writer’s taste for morrillo.

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