Project Description

Astuto Boutique

Client Astuto Boutique
Photography Javier Gavill
Year 2019

#ArtDirection #Branding #Signage

Briefing y objectives

Astuto is the first boutique hotel with 20 rooms, in the heart of Jerez. They proposed us to create an identity, which will manage to position it as a reference hotel for its service and image in Jerez and, in the province of Cadiz.

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Story-telling + branding

Are you an adventurer?, in Astuto this daring hotel where you won’t miss anything, you will be, you will be the adventure itself. You will have thousands of possibilities and choices, none of them wrong or right, but with different results. In this hotel you will have to make decisions, some of them will be simple and others will be cunning. Because every time we travel and go to a hotel, we are living an adventure.

To create a naming that would make this hotel unique and different, we started from the concept of adventure. We based on the books “Choose your own adventure”, a series of books in which the reader makes decisions about the way the characters act and thus modifies the story, giving multiple endings. Following other adventure books we find that it is very common to use the fox as the protagonist of these works. And then we come to the conclusion that a person who is a seeker, an adventurer, and who decides how to develop his own story, besides being a fox, is also called a cunning person.

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To carry out this brand we have used the mysterious typography, which is elegant and full of contrasts that transmits the personality of the interiors. As for the logo, we have used the letter “A” as the initial of the naming and, the icon of a fox that is considered the most cunning animal, which appears behind the letter, leaning out as if it were watching. The colors used are almost white gray, dark green and grayish green. We also make a series of applications such as posters, bathroom products or cards to access the rooms among others, the most characteristic is the use of some clever phrases that capture our attention on some of these elements. The slogan used catches us, challenging the curiosity of the users who will have to make decisions during their stay, so will you be clever enough to stay in this hotel?.

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