Project Description

Arsenio Manila

Photography Tania Castellanos
Illustration Mar Suárez
Client Grupo Arsenio
Since 2012

#Identity #Gastronomy #Food #Gourmet

Brief y objectives

The sensations of a natural and healthy cuisine and its own mix of cultures that came from the context of the city itself, makes Arsenio Manila a unique place to enjoy dishes under a cosy decoration and a unique atmosphere: love for good food.


Playing to be tourists within our own country: under that idea, we developed the whole restaurant concept, in which escaping from the traditional and discovering new trends, classic flavours and innovative fusions is part of Arsenio’s identity. It is a cultural expression of flavours to enjoy as if you were at home.


In order to transmit all these values of timelessness, globalization and opening a new door to another world, we took as a reference a little mosaic of the restaurant’s façade, made in tiles and reminiscent of Barcelona’s Güell Park, designed by Antonio Gaudí. All of this was accompanied by a clean, clear identity that serves as a means to give importance to the gourmet experience. A brand with no ego, in which the main character is the client and the place, where decoration will do its job of welcoming and catching the user to create an unforgettable experience. 


As a part of the process and the growth of the restaurant, we have been updating and developing different pieces, menus and adjustments to the visual identity since 2012, making Arsenio Manila a gastronomic reference in Cádiz.