Project Description


Client Accudoctor
Year 2019

#Branding #ArtDirection #Packaging

Briefing and Objectives

Will you test positive? Accudoctor is a brand of diagnostic tests established in London, for those who have doubts to solve, and need a clear and concise answer. Our work with this project was twofold. On the one hand, the objective was to differentiate it from its competition through design, transmitting safety and effectiveness, but maintaining an aesthetic. On the other hand, with this brand of medicines and tests that are everyday products, we wanted to give them originality.

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Accudoctor is a London-based company dedicated to pregnancy, ovulation and drug testing. To differentiate the brand, it makes use of that sense of doubt that has trapped us all at one time or another. That’s why the brand understands, as if it were your doctor, that’s where the origin of the word comes from; “Accu” of accuracy that reflects the exactness and precision that customers look for, and “Doctor” that inspires confidence, quality and seriousness, provoking in the user the same sensation of tranquility that brings us to hum a song just in its first chords, giving us to understand that we know it.

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The approach we took to this project was a naive and close point of view, to convey empathy with the public, as well as their confidence in the product. To represent the brand idea we used Gotham typography, which offers security and confidence to the user, as it is known to be inspired by the mid-20th century architectural style that predominated in New York. We have all been talking to someone online, and we are all in doubt or uncertainty and we all agree on writing the same symbol “¿?”, so we have introduced it as the main icon of our logo. This symbol is part of the naming Accudoctor, as we have used the opening question mark to replace the second “c” in the word. In order to achieve that originality that would make a common product different, we opted for an elegant and colorful packaging that generates tranquility and solves the doubts of its users.

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